SINCE 1857 

History of Slinger House

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In 1857 George Ippel built a tavern, hotel, dance hall and stable in the village of Schleisingerville. He named his hotel and tavern “Farmer’s Home”. His intent was to make his establishment the center of social activity to accommodate the many farmers who came to Schleisingerville to replenish their supplies and conduct business.

Between 1862 and 1864 George Frederick Roth and his wife Barbara bought the property. They and their family, which included Charles and Margaret Roth, Fred Roth, Oscar and Dorothy Kelly, successfully operated the business for approximately 90 years. A larger hotel and tavern was built on the existing sturdy field stone foundation utilizing locally produced cream city bricks. The new building was beautiful inside and out and had the latest modern amenities, including gas lighting throughout.

In 1957, a man named Mr. Harder purchased the property and continued to operate it as a hotel and tavern. At some point, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tennies purchased the hotel, bar, and dance hall. Their improvements included a new roof in 1969.

In 1973, a name change brought more business and many changes. “Kirk’s Korners” as it was known then, was the happening place to be. Many have told about waiting in line on Saturday nights for their chance at Kirk’s infamous steaks!

In 1993 Kirk sold the business to Leonard Mark Zembrowski (Zebbo). Zebbo renamed it the Slinger House. Dave and Patty Rand became the next owners in 2004. Dave and Patty successfully ran the business until March 2012 when Kelly and Tracey (Smith) Henrickson (Hensmith, LLC) became the principle owners. A mini remodel took place in the first 4 days of ownership, which included restoring the picture windows to their original size, a new “speakeasy” door, new furniture and paint. A complete remodel and restoration project took place in the summer of 2012. With the help of many talented contractors, an outstanding staff, and numerous distributors, “The Slinger House Pub and Grille” became the beautiful, historic, and inviting space it is today. Our goal is to make sure you experience great food, great drinks, and great fun while you are here!!

Kelly and Tracey Henrickson